Thursday, May 17, 2018

Contact: Peter Brown

Sayegh Receives Yonkers Democratic Committee Endorsement

YONKERS, NY - Nader Sayegh, candidate for the 90th Assembly District has received the endorsement of the Yonkers Democratic Committee, receiving over 95% of the vote. Sayegh was nominated on the convention floor by Yonkers Democratic Committee Second Vice Chair Carlos Moran, and seconded by longtime Democratic District Leader and Yonkers educator Gerry Jerome.

“I am proud to receive the almost unanimous support of the Yonkers Democratic Committee,” said Mr. Sayegh. “I do not plan on taking anything for granted in this campaign. The work starts now – I am looking forward to running an energetic campaign, centered on the real issues faced by Yonkers residents: education, health care, taxes, and jobs. I would like to thank our district leaders, Chairman Meier, and the entire party for their confidence in me as our candidate for State Assembly, and promise to repay their confidence in me with my utmost commitment to this race.”

“Nader’s record of public service in Yonkers speaks for itself,” added Yonkers Democratic Committee Chairman Thomas Meier. “I am certain that Nader will do a tremendous job continuing Senator Shelley Mayer’s legacy in the 90th Assembly District, and will be a strong advocate for us in Albany. I would like to congratulate Nader for his resounding endorsement by our membership, and look forward to rallying my fellow Democrats to support him as our candidate.”

The Yonkers Democratic Committee is the second endorsement earned by the Sayegh Campaign this week, with Mr. Sayegh also receiving the endorsement of Teamsters Local 456.


Tuesday, May 15, 2018      

Contact: Peter Brown

Teamsters Local 456 Endorses Nader Sayegh for State Assembly

YONKERS, NY - Nader Sayegh, candidate for the 90th Assembly District has received the endorsement of Teamsters Local 456, representing thousands of members across Westchester County.

"I am honored to receive the support of Teamsters Local 456," said Mr. Sayegh. "Labor will always have a voice in my office as an Assemblyman, and I am looking forward to being an advocate for hard working union members and their families in Albany. During my time on the Yonkers Public Schools Board of Trustees, I had the opportunity to see the work of Teamsters Local 456 and many other union members up close, and am proud to have the support of these hard working men and women for my campaign."

"Nader has always been a tremendous advocate and supporter of our membership," said Teamsters Local 456 President Louis Picani. "I am certain that Nader is the right candidate to continue Senator Shelley Mayer's legacy of standing up for organized labor. Nader will fight for good paying jobs, expanded career and technical education, and stand against anti-worker and anti-union policies in Albany."

The Yonkers Democratic Convention will be held on Wednesday, May 16 at 6PM, at Castle Royale, located at 92 Waverly Street, Yonkers.


Tuesday, May 8, 2018      

Contact: Peter Brown




YONKERS, NEW YORK — Yonkers Board of Education Trustee and attorney Nader Sayegh announced today his intent to run for the 90th District in the New York State Assembly to fill the vacancy created by Shelley Mayer’s victory in the New York State Senate.

“Senator Mayer leaves big boots to fill; she was a remarkable Assembly Member and will be an equally effective Senator,” said Sayegh. “My intention is to continue what she started and to add to it. The 90th District, which encompasses the vast majority of Yonkers, has an immediate need for investment in job growth, infrastructure, and education, all of which deeply impact the middle class,” Sayegh continued.  “I am running because we in Yonkers need steadfast leadership in today’s volatile times.”

Dr. Sayegh has one of the most expansive professional careers of any candidate to run in recent memory. He has fought for educational opportunities and equitable services for nearly 45 years, in the process serving as a teacher, principal, and college professor, in addition to running a successful law practice. He has been the President of the Board of Trustees of Yonkers Public Schools, President of the “Big 5” School Boards of New York, trustee of the Yonkers General Hospital, and Chairman of the Yonkers Parking Authority. He has also served as a captain in the New York State Guard.

As an Assembly Member, Sayegh intends to focus immediately on three critical priorities. First, to ensure that Yonkers Public Schools receives the share state funding it is entitled to and deserves. Another is reducing the tax burden for middle-class taxpayers, which went all but untouched by the recent tax cuts. The third is to grow economic opportunity and security within the 90th Assembly District, and ensure that Yonkers and Westchester are a place where families can stay and succeed.

In addition to his professional responsibilities, Sayegh is an expert lecturer on topics such as School District agreements, immigration, safety and security, special education, and adult and alternative education. He lives with his wife of 34 years, who together have raised five daughters who all attended public schools and now have careers in medicine, education, and dentistry.

“We face formidable challenges here in New York, challenges that cannot be put off any longer,” said Sayegh.  “People who are struggling don’t care about Republican or Democrat —they want solutions.  I’m not a professional politician, but I know we need an Assemblyman who will work with the governor and our state delegation to put our economy back on the right footing, ensure opportunities and solid education for our children, and at the same time fix the way Albany operates. The time for partisan bickering and political games is over – the stakes are too high.”

“I look forward to a positive campaign and spirited debate focused on the issues of how to get Yonkers on the track we know it can, and should, be,” said Sayegh.