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Nader’s Priorities

The 90th District has an immediate need to address the issues that impact our families: investment in job growth, infrastructure, and education.

Nader will work closely with our state delegation — Sen. Cousins, Sen. Mayer, and Assembly Member Pretlow — to address our critical needs and concerns ASAP. It’s time to get to work.

ENSURE that Yonkers Public Schools receive the fair share of state funding it is entitled to and deserves.

REDUCE the tax burden for middle-class taxpayers and homeowners, which went all but untouched by the recent tax cuts.

GROW economic opportunity, job development, and small businesses within the 90th Assembly District.



Nader and Senator Shelley Mayer

Nader and Senator Shelley Mayer

I am proud to call Nader Sayegh a friend and have enjoyed working him throughout my career on the pressing issues facing Yonkers. Nader’s long history of community service, and expertise in education will make him an excellent advocate for the City of Yonkers.
— Senator Shelley Mayer

Few people can match Nader Sayegh’s record of public service and dedication to the City of Yonkers. As a former State Assemblyman, I know for certain he has the skills and commitment needed to fight for hardworking Yonkers families.
— Mayor Mike Spano
Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano

Congressman Elliot Engel

Congressman Elliot Engel

Nader exemplifies the American Dream – his roots in Yonkers, background in education, and devotion of his career to working for the public good make him an ideal candidate for State Assembly.
— Congressman Elliot Engel

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